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Gift2Me was founded by Indian and the company based in proud India and also serves to Indian Peoples through e-commerce, it was started on December 2018. This company was started as an online market place, this company distributes, books, electronics, software, video games, apparel, furniture, toys and jewelry. The gift2me logo type has featured a gift box two hands representing the new specific option called contributing option which is very new, were no other trending e-commerce platform has it. Our company motive is to make sure even those who cannot afford the products will get it by adding there in a campaign and get contribute from his/her own loved ones. So its way to get your dream gifts very easily and we also deliver the products to all part of India even we ready to connect the people lives in villages. Our vision is sharing Gift to your loved ones and sending surprise gift and make happy to them, Next beauty in the application is game anyone can play and get exciting rewards. The User gets all facilities in one Application, and we proud to say no application like us in E-commerce industry in India.
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