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Surprise Gift:

Sometimes unexpected gifts give you very emotional happiness on your Birthdays, Wedding Anniversary, & many more events. But, which is worth more than expected gift and surprise. In this Gift2me help you to send a surprise gift your loved ones, check the delivery availability of your friend's location by choosing friend's name in your friends list. If all aspects match, you can send the gifts to your friend's and surprise too

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Collaborate and Gift:

Join with your friends on Facebook and gift them. By sharing the gift build more love in between you. Gift2me makes your gifting is very easy and quickly.

E shop and enjoy:

Enjoy shopping experience from Gift2me app. We have more products on the loop to match your lifestyle and the needs. We are ready to gives you wonderful shopping experience and memorable moments of your life.

Request a gift:

Why can’t the gift always be a thought of someone? It can be also the object of your desire. Just request your gift on our app. Through the app your friends can contribute towards to it and help your dream come true.


We are working on great entertainment for you. Keep watching this space.

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Inbuilt wallet:

We have built not one but two wallets, King & Queen wallet. These wallets are used for managing your money and buy the items you need. Team contribution for the campaign will be added in the King’s wallet, and also you can check the team contribution record here. In Queen’s wallet, you can add your own money through paytm payment gateway. Check your all transactions and cash back offers here.

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